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Effort and bravery are never enough without purpose and direction, but no one should make their journey alone. Empowerment Life Coaching engages people where they are, enabling goals and solutions that are relevant to the present moment and present circumstances. Our process fills a void where therapy isn't an option, but change is essential. For those who feel traditional treatment is not for them; you might need a life coach. 

"Progress is impossible without change."

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Daniel J. Bouchard

Throughout every phase of his life Dan Bouchard has gathered experiences and insights that directly inform ELC; a teacher, school principal, counselor, coach, father and husband, as well as his 

academic credentials:

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education/Spanish

Master's Degree in Counseling/Psychological Services

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Education

Experience matters but the proof is in the passion, clearly Dan has both. Empowerment Life Coaching leverages all of these experiences and achievements in providing people with solutions and answers in these constantly changing times. 

 A Message from Coach Dan

"For my clients, I like to focus on the now and beyond. I will help you to  gain skills to empower your decisions, feelings and actions moving forward. The 'why' or 'how' of a situation in one’s life, while not irrelevant, are things we cannot control, they are in the past. We should first focus on what we CAN control and move on from the past as best we can. I believe that life is Learning-Information-From-Experiences. Use your experiences to help inform you on how to impact your life moving forward. If you get caught up in the 'why' of something, you relinquish control of a situation and get caught in a cycle of allowing the situation to control you, rather than take your life into control. It can be easier to let the past drive your thoughts and feelings in the present. It can be a trap that prevents you from making impactful decisions when the decisions need to be made."  


"My task is to help you to learn tangible skills and strategies to help you take control of your own thoughts and feelings, which guide your actions and allow you to achieve your goals."

Empower Your Change

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living."

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