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Living Sober - Adult

You have put the drink down . . . now what? For many of us, living sober is a new way to see the world, since we have been chasing that other life since our adolescence. We feel like we should be clear minded and everything will fall into place. But, of course, life happens!


How do we process this new life and these feelings to expand our lives in ways only that very sobriety can give us? How do we let go of the shame of the people we were and the guilt of the actions we made to become the people we always wanted to be? 


I will work with you, individually or in a group, to help you to identify your goals in your sober life, and how to attain those goals. I have been living soberly since 2000 and am personally aware of the obstacles that face anyone trying to live their lives on their own terms.   


Your life is yours to make it what it could and should be!

"We don't grow when things are easy;
we grow when we face challenges."


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